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Parent Alert!

The only real way to know if a show is appropriate for your child is to watch a few episodes, either before you let your child watch, or with your child.

Questions to ask yourself: What are the characters doing? What is the main story or theme of the episode? Do the characters fight a lot? How does your child act after watching the show?

A Note From Our Creator

As a parent with two young children, I am deeply concerned that the direction of children's programming is ever-increasingly suggesting a negative reaction towards our children as they learn to become active in there personal relationships with one another. It is vital that you know what your children are watching.

The Magic Easel assists in teaching positive attitudes and values. Working with cognitive psychologists and sociologists, we study childrens' developmental needs, enabling us to develop characters that find healthy ways to resolve conflicts and issues.

For us here at The Magic Easel, seeing the world through children's eyes - and helping them grow - is what our programming is all about.

With that being said . . .

It's Magic Easel Time .... Come meet our characters!