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The Magic Easel

The Magic Easel takes your child to places that inspire and entertain, in a positive, fun-filled adventure your kids will love!

The Magic Easel will entertain your child with songs they will be singing for a lifetime! Bringing together laughter, dance, adventure and the A-B-Cs, the Magic Easel is toe-stomping, knee-slapping, magical fun!

Alphabet Al

Alphabet Al loves each letter in our alphabet. This wonderful fun filled singing and dancing dog will teach each letter of the alphabet in a loving, caring environment sure to please every child.

Click to Preview Song: Alphabet Al
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Sunny the Sunflower

Sunny is always bright, positive and willing to help all her friends out. She helps children to learn and understand the emotional impact of direct reactions on one another.

Sunny The SunFlower is bright, exciting and loves to help the Magic Easel with Story Time.

Leia The Lion

Leia will explore new adventures will your children as they learn all about the world they live in. She will take us to the Coral Reef, The Zoo, The Museum just to name a few. Leia is a wonderful kind hearted creature that is sure to entertain your children

Count More

The bear that loves to count is ready to teach your child all about numbers and counting. The educational aspects of Count More are build on a solid educational tradition.

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Ella The Elephant

Ella is the Magic Easel's Zoo mascot. Ella is seen in The Zoo Show and she shows us all the animals at the zoo. She complements all the Magic Easel Characters in the Zoo show and your children will remember her forever.

Puddles The Snowman

Puddles is our special Christmas character, who takes us to the winter wonderland of joy and excitement. He was built by the Magic Easel characters to help them understand our holiday traditions.

Preview Song: The Christmas Tree
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